Our Services
Digital Strategy
We are partners first and define the best path together. Your success is our success.
Cloud Solutions
Mission-critical, scalable solutions built on top of Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.
Mobile Apps
Award-winning native and cross-platform apps on Xamarin, Ionic, and React Native.
Systems Integration
In a "build vs. buy" world, integration is just as important as developing new software.
Web Applications
Using leading edge technologies creates streamlined, elegant apps for projects of all sizes.
Mapping & GIS
We have extensive experience using ESRI, Google, and Mapbox to create meaningful solutions.
Machine learning is now pervasive. Our clients not only find value in the outputs of ML, but it's changed the way they view their businesses, their data, and the value that they bring to their customers. For each new client we work with, we bring our expertise in ML as well as our process for extracting value from historical data to better predict the future.
Major cloud providers offer solutions that can connect millions of simultaneous devices, ingesting millions of events per second.  No matter what your business is, there are devices that you want data from--from user information to data reported by machinery.  All this data feeds into machine learning algorithms, and Seed is the partner that pairs the two together.
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